Mission and Vision

Mission: To afford every student the ability to achieve at high levels in order to have every opportunity for success.

Focus: Indian Peaks has an instructional focus of Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) along with Early Transitional Bilingual Instruction. The STEM Instructional Focus is the foundation of the high-quality research based instructional programming that is offered to all students PreK through grade five. The natural convergence of the sciences, partnered with literacy, provides students with an outstanding foundation of essential skills while integrating the development of problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills and the ability to collaborate to enhance learning.

Our Early Transitional Bilingual Instruction offers Spanish literacy instruction K-3rd grade to students whose dominant native language is Spanish. Students receive literacy instruction in Spanish, which includes reading and writing instruction. They also receive 60 minutes daily of English literacy instruction, affording them the necessary skills to be successfully bi-literate in Grade Three. Math, Science, and Social Studies are taught in English with Spanish support as necessary. Our goal for our bilingual instruction students is that they will be successfully bi-literate by third grade. Teachers provide differentiated, rigorous instruction to all students in order to prepare them for continued academic success.

Achieving Academic Success: In partnership with our community, Indian Peaks is committed to give every student the ability to achieve at high levels in order to have every opportunity for success. To achieve this, the school offers a wide range of learning opportunities that include:

  • Systemic implementation of design thinking learning across all content areas
  • Integration of instructional technology to enhance and support student learning
  • Enrichment and interventions based on student need including Gifted-Talented programming, Literacy Lab support, Special Education programming, and flexible instructional groups based on individual student need
  • Implementation of PBS to create consistent, positive behavior expectations for all students
  • Expanded student learning through field trips, guest speakers and assemblies that support the Instructional Focus and school goals
  • Professional Development opportunities for all staff to support student success