300+ Participants at Dive Into STEM Event!

Indian Peaks families came together at the Dive Into STEM event! The night hosted 14 stations with hands-on activities that families were able to rotate through and experience together.

"Dive into STEM!" Night: Oct. 22nd

 Indian Peaks Elementary is hosting a "Dive Into STEM" Family Night on October 22nd from 5:30-7pm.  The event will have a multitude of hands-on activities family rotate through and experience together.  Visit 5 stations and enter your family to win a Kindle Fire HD! Activities include:
Denver Aquarium

Elementary schools explore the Genius Hour

“What animals have gone extinct?” “How are butterfly wings so thin, yet strong?” “What can I do to help orcas in captivity?” -

These are just a few questions explored during Genius Hour by elementary students at Indian Peaks and Blue Mountain schools.

Students follow Kilimanjaro Expedition

Thanks to partnerships with the GLOBE Program, Discovery Education, and the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley, students are following SVVSD students and teachers while they make the trek to the tallest mountain in Africa's summit.

4th Grade Pen-pals with a STEM Twist

One of our fourth grade teachers was fortunate enough to travel to Japan this summer.  Influenced by the trip, and wanting to share the experience with her students, Mrs. Urquidi set up a partnership with a teacher in Japan.  Students will engage in a pen-pal experience this year, but with a STEM twist!  To introduce the project, Mrs. Urquidi set up a Blendspace (a digital bulletin board platform).

STEM Summer Camps- A Success!

Legos, rockets, superheros, towers, genius hour... All fun components of this year's STEM Summer School!

Skype in the Classroom with Jean Reidy

Jean Reidy joined the 4th graders at Indian Peaks via Skype.  They were brought together via the Skype in the Classroom program.  The children's book author visited with students to share her 10 best tips for authors.  She also took time to answer specific student questions.

IP Students Share with City Council


Kindergarten Educreations

Academic Information:

  • Students support academic writing and research through use of Educreations app.

  • Standards: Writing and Composition; 1. Text types and purposes, labels, and familiar words are used to communicate information and ideas


Learning Activity:

Robotics Geometry

Academic Information:

  • Central Idea: Students use Dash robots (from Wonder Workshop) in conjunction with Path app to review and apply geometric concepts and vocabulary.

  • 3rd grade Standards: Math - Shape, Dimension, & Geometric Relationships - Geometric figures are described by their attributes

Learning Activity: