Skype in the Classroom with Jean Reidy

Jean Reidy joined the 4th graders at Indian Peaks via Skype.  They were brought together via the Skype in the Classroom program.  The children's book author visited with students to share her 10 best tips for authors.  She also took time to answer specific student questions.

IP Students Share with City Council


Kindergarten Educreations

Academic Information:

  • Students support academic writing and research through use of Educreations app.

  • Standards: Writing and Composition; 1. Text types and purposes, labels, and familiar words are used to communicate information and ideas


Learning Activity:

Robotics Geometry

Academic Information:

  • Central Idea: Students use Dash robots (from Wonder Workshop) in conjunction with Path app to review and apply geometric concepts and vocabulary.

  • 3rd grade Standards: Math - Shape, Dimension, & Geometric Relationships - Geometric figures are described by their attributes

Learning Activity:

STEM Night at Casa

Due to an amazing partnership with the Casa de la Esperanza community, Indian Peaks hosted a STEM Night Thursday at the Casa Learning Center.  The event included many opportunities for students to play and learn with STEM gadgets, including Spheros, Cubelets, Dash & Dot robots, iPads, Chromebooks, MagFormers building sets, Snap Circuits, Squishy Circuits, and more!  Thanks to all of the volunteers from the Longmont community and Innovation Center!  Stay tuned for more events this summer at the Learning Center.

Spirit Week 3/30-4/3

The IPES STEM Leadership Team is sponsoring a school SPIRIT WEEK beginning March 30th.  They have selected and voted on activities that are hopefully available for all students.  Please help encourage students to get involved! Spirit Week:

Monday (3/30) Snack Day (Bring your own snack to school.)


Tuesday (3/31) Teacher Appreciation Day (Show thanks to your hard-working teachers.)


Wednesday (4/1) Pay it Forward Day (Do something nice for others, and they'll do something nice for someone else!)

STEM Night at Casa de la Esperanza

Join us for STEM Night at Casa de la Esperanza's Community Room at 1520 S. Emery St. in Longmont!


The event will run from 4:30pm-6:00pm on April 16th.  You will be able to explore:


*Sphero Robots

*iPads and recommended apps


*Scratch Computer Programming

*Dash and Dot Robots



Mighty Moose VEX IQ Challenge

Congratulations to all the teams who participated in the VEX IQ Indian Peaks Mighty Moose Challenge!

The inagural event helped more than eighty students have a fun and challenging experience. Several students, teachers, and volunteers from around the community supported the event.

The robotics season concludes this Saturday with the state championships in Loveland. Of the thirty-two teams in the championships, twenty-seven are from St. Vrain Valley Schools!

SVVSD Innovation Center Trip

3rd graders were able to travel to SVVSD's Innovation Center to further their knowledge of robotics!  After walking to the neighboring space, Indian Peaks students were greeted by Innovation Center employees and welcomed to the classroom.  Students rotated through three stations with Sphero robots, Cubelets, and a tour.  The 3rd graders programmed Spheros to drive through mazes and jump plastic ramps.  In the Cubelets lesson, students discovered more about "think, sense, and act" cubes to customize their robot designs.

Marble Runs Encourage Iteration and Testing

2nd grade students had quite the introduction to their Balance and Motion unit! Their mission of the day was to create a roller coaster where one marble can travel in one full loop.