Middle Schoolers Share Water Knowledge with 4th Grade

Girls in STEM Club begins

Fifteen fourth and fifth grade girls are participating in the new Girls in STEM club at Indian Peaks Elementary.  The club will introduce students to many fun activities and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Girls will also gain insight about STEM through outreach collaboration, exposure to current research, career exploration, and strategies for equitable experiences.

Mighty Moose VEX IQ Competition

Congratulations to the following teams that participated in the 2nd annual VEX IQ Competition at Indian Peaks: 

Gravity, Mainframe Meltdown, Magneto, Mustache Kitties, Elemental STEM Dragons, Anonymous, The Bulldozers, Deez Peanutz, Nuclear Puffs, Flying Hamburgers, Potato Busters, Techno FRES, FRES IKEs, Robot FRES, Super Bots, Dr. FRES, Moose Movers, Peaks Pride, Vex Vipers, Peaks Wizards, Thunder Valley 3, Poke-botics, The Solar Steampunks, Terminators, Flaming Dragons 2.0, Awesome Sauce, and Robotic Kittens.

In St. Vrain, robotics integration starts in preschool

Twenty-first century education is constantly evolving. With new technologies being developed daily, it’s more important than ever that students learn to be innovators as well as learners. Kristen Brohm, the STEM Coordinator for Alpine Elementary school says, “As we move forward in education, looking for innovators, problem solvers and critical thinkers, we are changing what we need to teach students.”

Family Math Night

This term, the Indian Peaks Parent Leadership Team has decided to focus their efforts of increasing family involvement in the area of Math, specifically in the area of math facts. Two Family Math Nights were hosted last week: Tuesday, Jan. 12th and Thursday, Jan. 14th from 6-7:15 pm.

Will You Take the Challenge?

Will You Take the Challenge? 

Indian Peaks Informs the Tech Tray's First Iteration!

Now with Wonders Technology’s teaching tools educators can teach students as young as four how to program complicated technology, such as robots and 3D printers. The Tech Tray works as an input so that students without reading or typing abilities can easily get up and running. By replacing core programming words with building blocks we’ve simplified the process into something that is easy, fun and paves the way for plenty of in depth learning! Learners can place the blocks on the tray in a bunch of different patterns to make a robot roll around in different ways.

Computer Science Week is underway!

PreK-5th grade students are experiencing several types of coding opportunities throughout the world-wide Computer Science Week.

Students use many tools to learn coding basics and design.  Teachers are exposing students to, Beebots, Dash/Dot robots, Bitsbox, Tynker, and Cubelets.

IPES Robotics Featured at TEDx

The Longmont Museum hosted a TEDx event November 21st.  The two-hour Salon event featured short talks by local robotics companies to discuss the future impacts of the industry.  A feature video showcased the robotics program at IPES.

Please check out the film HERE

Further event information HERE

Students Design Bat Houses