Middle Schoolers Share Water Knowledge with 4th Grade

Sunset Middle School opened their doors for Mrs. Hannapel's fourth graders.  Both schools were reading A Long Water to Water, so decided to collaborate on a shared experience.  Students were split up among a dozen activities set up around the room.  Middle schoolers led learning stations, based on topics of sanitation, clean drinking water, filtration, water cycle/water facts, and Salva's Water for South Sudan Foundation.

Indian Peaks students were exposed to several hands-on activities including:
  ~Presentation on places that need clean water and making a water filter
  ~Large scale model of different forms of sanitation with scale models of bacteria & diseases (all in a fish tank)
  ~Salva's Water for South Sudan background and game with terms they learned
  ~Water filtration experiment
  ~Water cycle script and role-playing
  ~Observation/comparison with samples of clean and dirty water
  ~Slide show on how water filtration works with demo kit from City of Longmont
The closing activity included a student-produced digital Jeopardy game using questions form all the stations.


Thanks to Michelle Faye and Lynn Hannapel for organizing this event for students!