Girls in STEM Club begins

Fifteen fourth and fifth grade girls are participating in the new Girls in STEM club at Indian Peaks Elementary.  The club will introduce students to many fun activities and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Girls will also gain insight about STEM through outreach collaboration, exposure to current research, career exploration, and strategies for equitable experiences.

On Feb. 5th's first meeting, the girls participated in an ice breaker, established norms and expectations around who they wanted to be in the group, got inspiration through "Technolochicas" videos, and began a design challenge.  The design challenge, where girls design a way to carry materials to school, will continue through subsequent meetings.  Girls will also engage in Genius Hour projects where they research and present on topics of their choice.

The club also wishes to partner with local role models in the community.  If you are a female who is involved in a STEM career, we'd love to hear your perspective and advice!  Please contact Sarah Bloms, STEM Coordinator, for arrangements (