Dash and Dot come to iPeaks!

New robots have made their way into the Indian Peaks family! Squeals of delight have filled the hallways as Wonder Workshop robots' "On" button is lit! 

Teachers are learning about robotics alongside enthusiastic students with the "Dot" and "Dash" robots.  Dot and Dash coincide with 4 different applications.  Students are able to manipulate their robots by programming on the iPads. Lights, sound effects, sensors, and motion engage students of all ages.

Students were introduced to the drag-and-drop programming app, "Blockly", to code representation of their morning routine. Students were able to program an alarm, sounds to represent grumpiness, transportation to school, and their arrival at school (with the sound effect, "Ta da!").

The Indian Peaks community has been fortunate to be part of the design process with the founding company, Wonder Workshop. Educational representatives are in constant contact with our school to gather feedback on student reactions and ways teachers are using the materials. Our feedback has been taken into account and used to help better the product. True design thinking in action! 

In the future, students will explore Dot and Dash's response to one another and their story-telling capabilities. We hope to integrate this unique feature into the core areas of literacy, math, science, and social studies.