CU has partnered with St. Vrain Schools to allow students opportunities to see engineering as an attainable career. CU graduate engineering students travel to Indian Peaks each week to lead engaging, interactive activities that connect with math and science concepts. Each engineering activity is based on a real-world context.

Teacher and student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the 4th and 5th grade in-school programs. Teachers agreed that the TEAMS activities had real-world connections with applicable professions in mind. Students were able to embed themselves in the engineering process to extend their classroom content. Teachers appreciated the exposure to new ideas and said that their "eyes were opened to incorporate more STEM into the classroom."


  • "Levees protect our cities" - Design, testing, and building of model dams
  • "Obi Wan Adobe" - Making and testing of different Adobe bricks
  • "Artificial Bicep" - Simple pulley for biomedical applications
  • "Sail cars" - Sail design and testing for wind powered cars
  • "Waterwheel work" - Water turbine fin design and testing
  • "Chicken bone repair" - Biomedical application, broken bone repair
  • "Body system models" - Research and construction of human and fish body systems (respiratory, circulatory, digestive)
  • "Make your own ice cream" - Energy transfer
  • "Pop Rockets"- Acids and Bases


  • Lu
    nar Lollipops (Moon Phases)
  • Mars Rovers
  • An Inflated Impression of Mars
  • A Roundabout Way to Mars (Transfers)
  • Polar Beras in Phoenix? (Habitats and Ecosystems)
  • Food Chains/Food Webs

The TEAMS after school program was held each Thursday for participating 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.